Project Description

How to use a rod straightening machine MY10-25 (manual of MY10-25 rod straightening machine)

  • Before using the straightening machine, please read this operating manual carefully

Tech details specification of the straightening machine

  • Machine ModelMY10-25
    Straight CapacityØ10mm-Ø25mm
    Straightening Motor15Kw
    Straightening speed20m/minute
    Package Dimension138*113*133cm

Fill machine oil

  • First of all, open oil hole cover that on gears box, then fill 25kgs machine oil through oil hole, and contingent survey oil level,
Reduction gears oil hole cover of MY10-25 bar straightener


  • Connect power line three phase, 15Kw, if the machine motor is customized, do it as power required,
  • Use a straight bar to commissioning, since commissioning is ok, finally you can go ahead with heavy duty works

Input holes

  • As the picture indicate rod size for passing through
Import hole of MY10-25 bar straightener

Download the manual

instruction manual