Project Description

How to use a rebar straightening machine MY5-12 (manuals of MY5-12 rebar straightening machine)

  • Before using the MY5-12 rebar straightener machine, please read this operating manual carefully

Specification of the rebar straightening machine

  • Machine ModelMY5-12
    Round barØ5mm-Ø12mm
    Straightening Motor5.5Kw
    Speed20m per minute
    Package Dimension118*65*78cm

Fill machine oil

  • First of all, open oil hole cover on gears box, then fill 5kgs machine oil through oil hole, and contingent survey oil level
gear box oil hole of MY5-12 rebar straightening machine
  • And paint lubricating oil to gears and chain
output traction wheel gear of MY5-12 rebar straightening machine
input traction wheel gear of MY5-12 rebar straightening machine


  • Connect power line 380V three phase, 5.5Kw, if the machine motor is customized, do it as power required
  • Since commissioning is ok, finally you can go ahead with heavy duty works

How to straightening different size rebar (5mm-12mm)

  • Adjust the bolts which adapt to straightening rollers, make sure straightening rollers are flat and tidy, and touch rebar tightly,
straightening frame and rollers

Download the manual

instruction manual