Project Description

  • MY5-12 rebar straightening machine

As the name implies, it’s a machine used for straightening bent rebar,scrap rebar,twisted rebar and others,straightening accuracy could be 95%+

  • Video of the rebar straightening machine

  • Specific of the rebar straightening machine

Machine ModelMY5-12
Round barØ5mm-Ø12mm
Straightening Motor5.5Kw
Speed20m per minute
Package Dimension118*65*78cm
  • How to use the rebar straightening machine, let’s introduce the machine composition as follows,

scrap rebar shapes
  • Any shapes of bent bar

Not only such shapes in the above picture, it can also straight any shapes of bent bar, scrap bar, most shapes of scrap rebar

input traction wheel gear of MY5-12 rebar straightening machine
  • Traction gears input

Import scrap rebar here, machine can traction scrap rebar in itself

cutting facility of MY5-12 rebar straightening machine
  • Cutting facility

It has a cutting facility which can cut a twisted bar head, if it’s hard to put a twisted bar into the hole, use the cutting facility to cut twisted bar head off,

output traction wheel gear of MY5-12 rebar straightening machine
  • Traction gears output

Straighten rebar export from here, machine can traction straighten rebar out itself

gear box oil hole of MY5-12 rebar straightening machine
  • Reduction gears

Here it is the oil hole cover, it needs inject 5kgs machine oil before using the machine, the reduction gears box supply powerful traction source

straightening frame and rollers
  • Straightening frame and rollers

This facility used for straightening scrap rebar, it will be rolling in high speed when the machine is working

electric motor and transmission chain

  • Electric motor and transmission chain

This is a 5.5Kw electric motor, three phase,the transmission chain used for traction rebar import and export

  • FAQ

1- What electricity for this machine?

Conventional supplying,380V, three phase,5.5Kw; for sure, we can also supply 220V, 400V,440V,600V and any others

2- What diameter bar this machine can straight

Size 5mm-12mm

3- Is there agent in our country?

We have many customers worldwide, and we do have agents in some countries, for more details,please contact with us

4- I’m an end user, I need just 1 piece of machine

We do supply any quanties to customers, but as an export shipment, cost will be higer much for small shipment

5- What’s your payment?

T/T in company account, or Western Union for personal,

  • Machine order delivery

  • How to use this machine

If you want to know exactly how to use this machine,or if you already got such a machine, please move your step to instruction manual page

instruction manual