Project Description

How to use an automatic CNC steel bar bending machine GW40C and GW50C (manuals of GW40C and GW50C steel bar bending machine)

  • Before using the automatic CNC steel bar bending machine, please read this operating manual carefully

Specification of automatic CNC steel bar bending machine

  • Machine ModelGW40CGW50C
    Round barØ4mm-Ø40mmØ4mm-Ø50mm
    Motor Power3Kw4Kw
    Motor Speed1450RPM1450RPM
    Package Dimension850*850*800mm950*850*800mm

Fill machine oil

  • First of all,open oil hole cover, then fill machine oil through oil hole, and inject machine oil per 4 hours working
Machine oil hole

Control panel introduction

  • Red indicator: this is indicator of automatic mode, and if machine is working in automatic mode, the indicator will be light
  • Touch startup buttons: the two buttons are startup buttons, and they are available when the machine is working in manual mode,
  • Mode switch: Automatic or Manual, due to the mode which you transite to
  • Reverse switch: this is power reverse switch
  • GW40C and GW50C are multifunctional,
  • You can use it as automatic mode, automatic mode is better for angle degree presetting, and it is better for heavy duty repetition rebar bending works
  • You can also use it as manual mode, manual mode is auxiliary function, and it’s better for pieces of bending works.
operation panel of rebar bender


  • Connect power line 380V three phase,
  • If you use Automatic mode, so touch footswitch for bending,
  • If you use Manual mode, so touch startup buttons for bending
  • Since commissioning is ok, finally you can go ahead with heavy duty works
footswitch for rebar bender

How to set angle degree (in automatic mode and in manual mode)

Automatic working mode: setting the angle degree by CNC controller panel;

  • CNC controller panel introduction:
  • Error correction: if there’s angle bending error, press this button
  • Set: it’s a startup button for preset process
  • Batch-: preset batches decrease
  • Batch+: preset batches increase
  • Angle degree +: preset angle degree increase
  • Angle degree -: preset angle degree decrease
  • Enter: after you make the preset done, click Enter button
  • Forward: startup button for forward bending
  • Retreat: startup button for reverse bending

Manual mode: control angle degree manually by press startup buttons

CNC panel operator

Matters need attention

  • Power source should meet machine power requirement, 380V three phase,
  • If the machine power is customized, do it as customized power source
  • You have to keep machine oil in proper level
  • Operator has to use machine under its load capacity,
  • You have to use machine in safety situation
  • If operator is skilled, it will be better

Download the manual

instruction manual