Project Description

How to use a GF25 CNC rebar stirrups bender (manual of GF25 CNC rebar stirrups bender)

  • Before using the rebar stirrups bender, please read this operating manual carefully

Specification of the GF25CNC rebar stirrups bender

  • Machine ModelGF25
    Bending CapacityØ4mm-Ø25mm
    Bending Frequency25-30 times per minute
    Motor Power3Kw
    Motor Speed1450RPM
    Package Dimension820*650*820mm

How to change angle degree setting

  • Default angle degree is 90 and 135, set the degree as you need by “+” or “-“, angle degree will display on screen,
  • “Forward”, this button used for rolling work bench forward
  • “Retreat”, this button used for rolling work bench back
CNC degree controller of GF25 CNC rebar stirrups bender

Ruler gauge

It’s a simple ruler to help you bending different length stirrups

ruler gauge


  • Connect power line to power source (380V, three phase), if the machine is customized with other voltages, go with the customized electricity
  • It’s better to use a Reverse Switch, because it can change phase by the switch easily,
  • Turn on power switch and push any one footswitch, to see if work bench rolling in right direction as arrow indicates, if not right direction, change the Revers Switch to other sider, it will be OK. DO THIS TEST WITHOUT LOAD
  • Lay a rebar on working bench, and adjust clamp plates tough rebar as near as possible, then push the footswitch, anyone (90 degree and 135 degree) is OK.
  • If it works no problem, then you can go ahead with heavy duty work
stirrup bending machine foot switch

Fault handling (Machine can’t bend)

  • Please check if the rebar size is over load, GF25 CNC (round bar Ø25mm, rebar bar Ø20mm)
  • Check if the electricity is ok, GF25 CNC require 3Kw electricity at least, and please check
  • Please check if the v belt is tight, v belt should be tightly much
  • Check if the machine Power Switch is on the right side

Fault handling (Machine bend error angle)

  • Please make sure the “green” guide rod is straight and vertical,
  • Please make sure work bench is in situ after bending each time
GF25 CNC rebar stirrup bender angle degree controler of
stirrup bending machine workbench operation

Download the manual

instruction manual