Project Description

How to use a rebar straightening cutting machine GT4-12/14 (GT4-12/14 rebar straightening cutting machine manual)

  • Before using the GT4-12/14, please read this operating manual carefully

Tech details specification of the straightening machine

  • Machine ModelGT4-12/14
    Straightening Capacity(Round Bar)Ø4mm-Ø12/14mm
    Straightening Capacity(Rebar)Ø4mm-Ø10/12mm
    Motor Power7.5Kw/9Kw
    Straightening Speed38m~55m per minute
    Package Dimension200*65*105cm

Fill hydraulic oil

  • Open the oil hole cover, inject 25kgs hydraulic oil
hydraulic driving system of GT4-12A bar straightening and cutting machine

Threading Rebar

  • Threadingrebar by hand, and adjust the straightening die touch rebar tightly,
straightening unit of GT4-12A bar straightening and cutting machine

Power line connection

  • 1: 380V three phase power input
  • 2: Black three lines from the machine
  • 3: Yellow two lines from the machine
  • 4: Land line
power line connection of GT2-5 wire straightening cutting machine manual
CNC controler panel connector of wire straightening and cutting machine

CNC controller connecter

CNC digital controler panel- Shuanglong Machinery

Download the manual

instruction manual