Project Description

  • GW40D rebar bending machine

As the name implies, it’s a machine used for bending rebar in construction industry

  • Video of the rebar bending machine

  • Specific of the rebar bending machine

Machine ModelGW40D
Round barØ4mm-Ø40mm
Motor Power3Kw
Motor Speed1450RPM
Package Dimension850*850*800mm
  • How to use the rebar bending machine, let’s introduce the machine composition as follows,

working platform table of GW40 automatic rebar bending machine
  • Working platform

Working platform cover is openable, you can inject machine oil and check parts by open the platform

pillar set of rebar bender
  • Pillars set

It can help you bend different shapes with different size rebar

working platform of GW40 automatic rebar bending machine
  • Angle degree indexing hole

There are 72 individual holes uniform distribution at edge of the platform, interval 5 angle degree every two holes,

indexing pins of GW40D
  • Indexing pins

There are 2 pcs indexing pins, which used for bending different angles

  • Operation buttion switch panel

It’s easy to operate the machine by these button & switch, with english indicator sticker

sticker indicator of GW40 automatic rebar bending machine
  • Indicator sticker

There are many indicator sticker paste on the board, so you can operate it easily.

footswitch of GW40D
  • Footswitch

It can release your hands when operating the bending process,

foot switch plug and power line of GW40 automatic rebar bending machine
  • Footswitch plug and power line

Plug footswitch in this point and connect power line to power source

motor of GW40 automatic rebar bending machine
  • Motor, gearing box and tool box

Motor is powerful much, drive the gearing box supplying strong bending force, tool box contain some common using tools,

toolkit box of GW40 automatic rebar bending machine
  • Power control unit box

It fix all electrical apparatus elements

  • FAQ

1- What electricity for this machine?

Conventional supplying,380V, three phase,3Kw; for sure, we can also supply 220V, 400V,440V,600V and any others

2- What diameter rebar this machine can bend

4mm-40mm round bar, 4mm-32mm rebar

3- Is there agent in our country?

We have many customers worldwide, and we do have agents in some countries, for more details,please contact with us

4- I’m an end user, I need just 1 piece of machine

We do supply any quanties to customers, but as an export shipment, cost will be higer much for small shipment

5- What’s your payment?

T/T in company account, or Western Union for personal,

  • Machine order delivery

  • How to use this machine

If you want to know exactly how to use this machine,or if you already got such a machine, please move your step to instruction manual page

Instruction manual