Project Description

  • GW50C CNC steel rebar bender

As the name implies, it’s a machine used for bending rebar in construction industry

  • Video of the CNC steel rebar bender

  • Specific of the CNC steel rebar bender

Machine ModelGW50C
Round barØ4mm-Ø40mm
Motor Power4Kw
Motor Speed1450RPM
Package Dimension950*850*800mm
  • How to use the CNC bar bending machine, let’s introduce the machine composition as follows,

workbench of rebar bender
  • Workbench

This is a simple workbench, easy to understand and it is easy for a not skilled operator

pillar set of rebar bender
  • Pillars set

Pillar set can help you bend different shapes with different size rebar

operation panel of rebar bender
  • Operation panel

From left to right, Red button: reverse; Green button: forward; Indicator light; Operating mode switch; CNC panel

CNC panel operator
  • CNC panel controller

With this CNC panel operator, you can bend any degree (0-180) by numbers, visual and simple

footswitch for rebar bender
  • Footswitch

You can control the machine bending process with this footswitch

Footswitch plug and power line of rebar bender
  • Footswitch plug and power line

The left one is footswitch plug in port

Lifting ring of rebar bender
  • Lifting ring

With this ring, you can lift the machine easily

Machine oil hole of rebar bender
  • Machine oil hole

It needs machine oil before machine working, and it needs machine oil per 4 hours working

Doorknob of rebar bender
  • Doorknob

Portable doorknob, it can lock and unlock easily

electric motor of rebar bender
  • Electric motor

This is 4kw electric motor, three phase power

Angle sensor of rebar bender
  • Angle sensor

This element is a perceptron for angle degree controlling

Electron components of rebar bender
  • Electron components

These are electron components behind the operation panel

  • FAQ

1- What electricity for this machine?

Conventional supplying,380V, three phase,4Kw; for sure, we can also supply 220V, 400V,440V,600V and any others

2- What diameter rebar this machine can bend

4mm-50mm round bar, 4mm-40mm rebar

3- Is there agent in our country?

We have many customers worldwide, and we do have agents in some countries, for more details,please contact with us

4- I’m an end user, I need just 1 piece of machine

We do supply any quanties to customers, but as an export shipment, cost will be higer much for small shipment

5- What’s your payment?

T/T in company account, or Western Union for personal,

  • Machine order delivery

  • How to use this machine

If you want to know exactly how to use this machine,or if you already got such a machine, please move your step to instruction manual page

Instruction manual